As technology evolves, so do the power demands of high-performance laptops. shares Plugable’s approach to overcoming these challenges. The blog post ‘Overcoming Power Challenges: Efficiently Charging High-Demand Laptops While Docking’, provided by Plugable, explores USB-C Power Delivery (PD) and its evolution to Extended Power Range (EPR), supporting up to 240W of power. However, many docking stations and laptops haven’t adopted this new standard yet. For laptops requiring more than 100W, a key workaround is using both the laptop’s charger and a USB-C dock simultaneously, allowing for adequate charging and peripheral connectivity. Plugable assures us this dual charging method is safe thanks to dynamic power adjustment. For those facing Charger versus Dock choices, prioritization by the laptop often sees the higher power adapter chosen. underscores the blog’s insights and how they reshape your understanding of power management for productivity without compromise. Read on to stay ahead in efficient tech utilization.

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