Professional Video Conferencing. Simplified

✅Happy Hour ❌ Amateur Hour Outdated, amateur video conferencing tech can frustrate your employees and customers—and also impede productivity and undermine your brand. Video conferencing has evolved and @Kensington offers a powerful solution to take virtual collaboration to the next level. #ProVC Watch 👇.

Samsung Hospitality Solution – LYNK™ REACH 4.0

 See the latest hospitality solution from #Samsung: LYNK™ REACH 4.0. 💡 You can see it in action in this video—not only how it gives your guests access to all the information and entertainment they could want, but also how it gives you visibility into all your connected displays. When you’re ready to deploy this solution in your facility, QuattroOne is equipped to get you started.

Samsung LYNK™ REACH 4.0

#Samsung LYNK™ REACH 4.0: Elevate the guest experience. 🙌 It’s an innovative new system that offers increased visibility into hundreds of displays while giving your guests the comforts of home. You can learn more in this document or by contacting QuattroOne.

4 Breakthrough Ideas for Compliance and Data Security

Data security and compliance are a constant challenge, especially in today’s distributed, hybrid cloud environments. We have some tips to help you in your efforts. Download this @Microsoft Security eBook, “4 Breakthrough Ideas for Compliance and Data Security.” 👇 @Microsoft Security

Avoid these AI pitfalls—free consultation

AI is fraught with pitfalls that can wreak havoc on your operations if you aren’t careful. Schedule a free consultation to discover the guardrails that can help you avoid major AI induced headaches.

Optimize your hybrid workforce—free consultation

Poorly conceived or implemented return-to-the-office policies risk alienating employees and hurting productivity. Book a free consultation to discover the IT tools for building a thriving #hybridwork culture.

Cybercrime statistics and trends to look out for in 2023

These are the cybercrime statistics and trends to look out for in 2023! 🚨 Read this article to learn more—and to gain insights on how you can safeguard your business. If you need cybersecurity solutions, QuattroOne is here to help. 🤝

These 5 Small Business Tech Trends Can Fuel Your Growth

Free tech trends report magazine illustration

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, small businesses have more opportunities than ever. Many of these call for leveraging technology to their advantage. Embracing the right tech trends can help businesses compete. It enables them to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and fuel growth. But it can be confusing knowing which routes to take. Most small […]

Introducing Kensington’s Professional Video Conferencing Solutions

If glitchy and clunky video conferencing solutions are hurting your internal and external communications, you’ll want to watch this quick @Kensington video to get a sense of what a superior #ProVC solution can do for your brand and productivity. DM one of our experts at QuattroOne to discuss implementation details and flexible pricing options. #virtualcollaboration #hybridwork

5 Most Concerning Cyber Crime Statistics of 2023

Have you seen the latest cybercrime statistics for 2023? If not, review this article to learn the facts! 💡 For example, did you know that cybercrime is forecasted to do up to $8 trillion in damages this year? To learn more, or to explore cybersecurity solutions for your business, contact QuattroOne. 🤝

Why video is the foundation of hybrid work

Are your hybrid remote workers getting enough one-on-one face time in videoconferences? Enough pixel real estate? Get this whitepaper to discover how advanced collaboration technologies like those from @Jabra can create a more equal and inclusive work environment, spark creativity, reduce worker stress and fatigue, improve morale, strengthen both internal and external working relationships, while promoting superior communication and understanding within your organization. Ready to build a stronger videoconferencing foundation? DM us and let’s talk Jabra Video.

10 ways generative AI is transforming businesses

Transform your operations with generative AI and Azure. From chatbots and content creation to fraud detection and predictive analytics, @Microsoft Azure OpenAI can help spark innovations in your business.